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True to the Mexican flavor and honoring the original recipes is the key of our success. Nothing compares to the authentic flavor of home, so we keep those traditions in place here, where you can enjoy the rainbow of flavors of the Authentic Mexican cuisine dishes.

Pina Loca  02- El Toro Bravo Restaurant.

About Us

We strive every day to serve you with a big smile and a unique flavor in every order we put in your hands. You, our customers, are the sole purpose of our existence, therefore, all our efforts are focused on give you the best possible culinary experience in our restaurant. Our team is trained and prepared to make even a lunch an special event for your eyes and stomach. "Mi Casa es Su Casa".


Come to our brand new Backyard site to Enjoy the Summer

Puebla is blessed with a rich story of cultural, traditions, humbleness, brave people and -of course!- a huge culinary heritage that sets it apart as one of the most sought-for cuisines in the world. 

Our traditions blends in a weaved mosaic of unique color, flavors and experiences second to none!

Placed in the most diverse area of NYC (Jackson Heights, Queens) we at El Toro Bravo Mexican Restaurant are proud to carry on with that legacy and offer it to all the ethnicities coming to this great city. 

Buen Provecho!

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